Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blogger and I!

I'm struggling a bit with Blogger. I haven't given myself the time to really learn it, and I'm starting to notice the differences. There are a lot of little things that I need to learn how to do to my blog.

In no particular order:
A new background!
A list of the blogs I follow, listed like in Google Reader is fine with me.
A way to cross index my posts.

Hmm... yeah, okay, that's about all.

I JUST figured out that I could add all of the Blogs I follow to Google Reader, therefor reading, and tracking, them wherever I go with my tablet. Before that I checked all six dozen of them by checking them in Fire Fox... It let me track which ones I'd read, so  if I hadn't fallen behind it wouldn't take long. The problem was that I could ONLY keep up at my desktop at home. It didn't work out so well when I was gone for any reason.... I actually started going through withdrawals on a longer trip I took earlier this year.

Seriously, I missed y'all enough that I was going nuts.

Please don't laugh. It was rough.

Now I know I have the ability to track everything from any workstation, including my Xoom. Functionally this means that anywhere in the world I have Wi Fi access I'm in good, geeky shape!

In the meantime... back to learning about Blogger....and reading Wikis for games.... Hopefully more of the former than the latter....


  1. Google Reader is a hidden gem among Google apps. It's how I just read this post!

    The analytics are really cool once you've spent some time with it, too.

  2. I would nix the flashy background and go with a cool header instead, which I can help you with. I can also help you with the cross-indexing (tagging) of each blog. You've figured out Google Reader. :)

  3. Also, remove the stupid captcha (sp?) security feature. My recommendation of course.