Sunday, June 17, 2012

Work Space and Work Flow

Most of my progress with miniatures this past week was in the realm of my work area. For two years in this house (living with my parents while I go to school, I'm INCREDIBLY grateful to them for the chance) I have tried running my hobby from my computer desk....and from piles all over my room. Eventually I just got swamped, and couldn't even function. After a couple of conversations with my parents (that resulted in their permission to do this!) I took over the art studio area of their basement.

So, I've spent a bit of time digging out the floor of my room (not done yet!) and getting stuff into that new (to me) space.

I have a while to go to get it completely organized... I got to the point that I realized I had a LOT of really cool stuff, and no way to do anything with it. This gives me the chance to do so much more!

The plan is for the extra space, especially in storage capacity, I'll be able to work smoothly enough to actually become productive in hobby terms! It seems to be working pretty well so far. With moving down into the basement still, there's not been as much hands on hobby time as I might like. I see that time as an investment, it's only going to help in the long run.

On the work list, in no particular order, I have:

A Collodi themed supply wagon, built on a 50mm base) for Malifaux. It's used for a specific strategy in the game, and eventually I want supply wagons that are themed for every Master/Henchman that I play.

A 40K Techpriest and Retinue for the Rogue Trader RPG campaign I'm playing in.

GW LoTR evil force. I'd like to hammer an Angmar force out of it, we'll see where this goes.

Orks and Grots. I hope to use these for Gorka Morka!

GW Fantasy Ogres. These will be used for either Mordheim (there are some great community rules for Ogre warbands) or converted into combat servitors for my Techpriest.

GW Fantasy Empire militia box. This should get converted into another warband for Mordheim.

A handful of Skaven stuff, a lot of it older metal figures. Again, this will be for Mordheim.

Mixed manufacturers horror miniatures. These will be for Gothic Horror games. As of now I plan to use them for Chaos in Carpathia.

Mixed Egyptianesque miniatures, mostly from GW. These are going to be used for Chaos in Cairo.

Lead Adventures Miniatures VSF collection, almost complete. Combined with Ramshackle Games Brass Coffin (x2), their gasmask conversion heads, and Wargames Factory British from the Anglo-Zulu Wars, this will be the core of a Steampunk British Force.

Errr.... There's a lot of us in this hobby, I collect and collect....

Yeah.. As so many of us have said, I need to get better about building and painting!

I hope things are going well for you! Thanks for checking it out.

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  1. Yeah, your room {my old room} is a mess. I wonder if you can walk through it now. :)