Sunday, July 1, 2012

Collodi Conversion

Collodi is a creation of the original inhabitants of the world of Malifaux. He was designed, as a living doll, to travel around entertaining the children of their realm. With the fall of the world there was no one left to amuse, so he began to create other dolls, and imbue them with the ability to semi-autonomous, though ultimately slaved to his will.

It provided some respite, though was only a bandage for his loneliness, and boredom. Eventually humans arrived in Malifaux, and Collodi excitedly began to entertain them....except they thought him a monster. Driving him away whenever he approached, they turned the joy into hate, and turned him into the monster they thought him to be.

He now travels between towns with his wagon, his dolls, and his sadism. He lets his dolls take center stage, amusing, even delighting the people he comes across. Of course, on his way out of these areas he scoops up children....and the dolls that perform in these towns look much like kids that are missing from neighboring communities.

Even his name has great meaning.... I chuckled when I look it up.

A little sick? Twisted? Strange?

Yes. Welcome to Malifaux!

I LOVE the original sculpt for Collodi. I just happened to love the artwork a bit more. I decided to attempt my first major conversion.

Here he is, cut apart and beaten up!

I wanted to make it taller, in order to give it a more stretched out, angular look. I started out by cutting the original Collodi in half, just under the jacket details of his abdomen. He was then pinned, with piano wire, and the major gap created filled in with a rock hard putty.

Here he is, in his two armed glory!

I slowly bulked out the folds of his robes with rolls of putty. I was using grey stuff at this point, though I've changed brands since. Once that was complete I began to pin the lower parts of his hand, again, spaced out pretty far in order to make him more angular, almost spider like. This was then filled in with smaller rolls of grey stuff, much like the bottom of his robes.

Here he is, waiting for his new hands!

From here I moved on to finishing the last set of arms, making them a bit longer, as he's supposed to be a four armed puppeteer. I wanted his arms to not be in each others' way when he's doing his work...

Eventually he ended up here! I was happy with the way he looked at this point.

Well, I was happy until I saw what he could look like, with pewter Flayed Ones hands, from Games Workshop. A whole lot of online shopping, and an incredibly lucky break, later, I had a set on its way!

Eventually, he ends up looking much like this!

Once I had the hands I was able to get back to work! His original hands were cut off, and smoothed down a bit. His new hands were pinned on with guitar wire (I LOVE that stuff for pinning) with a tiny bit of grey stuff to smooth it down.

I love the way he looks now. At the same time I see all of the things I want to get better at, especially my sculpting.

I have a long way to go, and yet, I LOVED this conversion. Storing him was a bit trickier....

Since I consistently ended up with some extra putty I played around with it, and ended up making something to go along with his base, or terrain.

About the size of my thumbnail.

I'm not sure where the love for this character came from, perhaps it's the power of his story. I have a couple more things for him in the pipeline, I'll be showing one off next weekend!


  1. I like the conversion - very sinister.


  2. I'm heavily considering adapting this idea to an aCollodi model conversion, once I get the necessary supplies. Excellent work :)